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1Coherent Inc. Sapphire LP (Low Power)
Sapphire LP (Low Power) Low power, continuous wave (CW) blue, green and yellow lasers providing industry leading beam quality, power stability and low noise at 458 nm, 488 nm, 514 nm, 532 nm, 552 nm, 561 nm, 568 nm, 588 nm and 594 nm. Sapphire Family of Lasers Featuring one of our latest additions -…
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2Coherent Inc. 488 and 532 nm lasers fluoresce dyes in a sample.
…current generation of dyes is excited by 488 nm laser light.However, recent work suggests that a new generation of dyes which fluoresce when pumped by 532 nm light can provide even more information. Our Sapphire family offers the world?s first solid-state 488 nm laser. This diode-pumped laser offers…
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3Sapphire_brochure  (PAGE 3 OF 4)
…-Power Sapphire Models
We introduced high-power versions of the
Sapphire in 2002. Performance characteristics
of high power versions deliver blue output
for both current and next-generation instruments requiring powers from 100 to 500 mW
at 488 nm. These high power Sapphire models…
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4Sapphire488HP_DSrevA  (PAGE 2 OF 2)
…offers a limited warranty for all Sapphire lasers. For full details of this warranty coverage, please refer to the Service section
at or contact your local Sales or Service Representative.
Sapphire 488 HP
(nm) 488 ±2
Output Power2
(mW) 100…
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5Sapphire_brochure  (PAGE 2 OF 4)
Sapphire Lasers
Until Coherent introduced a palm-sized
solid-state 488 nm laser in 2001, argon ion
lasers had dominated the blue wavelength
market for decades. Ion laser technology,
however, included many negative factors. The
optical performance was poor and lifetimes…
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6Coherent Inc. Sapphire SF Single Frequency
Sapphire SF (Single-Frequency) Continuous wave (CW) blue and green ultra-narrow linewidth. Sapphire FP Lasers - Offered at Multiple Visible Wavelengths Sapphire FP lasers intended for life sciences, metrology and inspection applications. Available at the following wavelengths: * 458 nm * 488 nm * 514…
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7Coherent Inc. Sapphire OPSLs Enable Life Sciences Applications
…orange (594 nm) for life sciences, metrology and inspection applications. Sapphire LP (Low-Power) is a series of continuous wave (CW) lasers providing industry leading beam quality, power stability and low noise at 458 nm, 488 nm, 514 nm, 532 nm, 552 nm, 561 nm 568 nm, 588 nm and 594 nm. Their superior…
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8Sapphire_Advantages_Summary.pdf  (PAGE 3 OF 3)

consistency. For these reasons, Sapphire lasers have
enjoyed tremendous success with system builders,
particularly in life sciences and instrumentation
applications. In fact, there are now over 20,000
Sapphire lasers in the field at 488 nm alone.

9Sapphire_Advantages_Summary.pdf  (PAGE 1 OF 3)

Benefit: Sapphire lasers offer a choice of all legacy
wavelengths, such as the ion laser lines at 488 nm and
568 nm, the DPSS wavelengths 532 nm and 561 nm,
and custom wavelengths for volume OEMs.
How? OPSLs use a tailor-made gain material.
Figure 1. Sapphire lasers utilize…
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10Coherent Inc. Sapphire FP (Fiber-Pigtailed)
…scalability of Sapphire's optically pumped semiconductor laser (OPSL) technology enables optimum excitation of target fluorophores. * Specifications * Applications * Drawings * Literature Model Name Wavelength (nm) Power (mW) Sapphire 458 FP 458 40 Sapphire 488 FP 488 40, 80 and 120 Sapphire 514 FP 514 40…
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