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…Option)-Power-Fan Angle-Custom Options. E.g., GPL- 503L(1.2°)-
532-100-5°. Contact us for more details.
501L or 501D 501H 503L or 503D 505L or 505D 509L or 509D
Pattern 1 line or 1 dot crosshair 3 lines or 3 dots 5 lines or 5 dots 9 lines or 9 dots

COHR Mini DS 1017 3.pdf

COHR Mini DS 1017 3.pdf

…Angle (for lines) - Separate Electronics option. E.g., MINI-503L-1.5-635S-20-SD.
Contact us for more details.
SPECIFICATION 501L or 701L 503L or 703L 533L or 733L
Pattern1 1 line 3 lines for 640 nm or 660 nm 33 line for 660 nm
Interbeam Angle - 1.5° 0.38°
1 Line patterns are…

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