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Ion Lasers

Ion Lasers

…digital remote control with integral diagnostics
* Serial interface capability for external computer control
* CE-Mark, EU RoHS, China RoHS compliance
* Independent certification—may be one of the following, depending on model: CSA/CSA (US)/TUV, or UL/CUL.
* Comprehensive operator guide
* Optics…

Corporate Culture & Philosophy

…on integrity, mutual trust, respect and teamwork in the work environment while valuing the individual differences in its global workforce. Legal Compliance Coherent operates facilities in twelve countries on three continent and is committed to complying with the letter and spirit of the laws in the…


…comprehensive compliance program in place to help ensure that applicable obligations continue to be met. Coherent is strongly committed to continue working with customers and its supply chain to implement applicable RoHS requirements as they continue to evolve, and help ensure continuous compliance.

D12-65-73 -AH Supplier Environmental Compliance Requirements.pdf

D12-65-73 -AH Supplier Environmental Compliance Requirements.pdf

Document D126573-AH
Supplier Environmental Compliance Requirements
Coherent, Inc.
August 2018

Business Conduct Policy

…that a registrant files with, or submits to, the Securities and Exchange Commission and in other public communications made by Coherent; and · Compliance with applicable governmental laws, rules and regulations. Part of your job and ethical responsibility is to help enforce our standards of business…

CUBE Lasers

CUBE Lasers

…best value.
* Compact solid-state package
* Superior beam quality with M 2 ≤1.2
* Minimal laser output RMS noise ≤0.1%
* CDRH Class IIIb safety compliance
* USB and RS-232 control
* Continuous wave and pulsed up to 150 MHz
* Analog and digital modulation Contact Us About This Product See Related…

OBIS Lasers Accessories

OBIS Lasers Accessories

…Box OBIS LX/LS Laser Box The OBIS LX/LS Laser Box provides a heat sink and controls for up to five laser heads for thermal management and CDRH compliance. OBIS LX/LS Scientific Remote OBIS LX/LS Scientific Remote The OBIS LX/LS Scientific Remote provides power, display, and graphical user interface…

Supplier Portal

--> Supplier Resources - Resources designed to enhance communication with Coherent’s supply base. Utilize these documents for any purchase order and compliance information on laser solutions, laser measurement tools, laser cutting tools, diode modules, or any other products Coherent offers.

California Transparency in Supply Chains Act Disclosure

…conduct for our suppliers, which is incorporated by reference into our purchase orders, supply agreements and terms and conditions. It requires compliance with all applicable laws, including that any employment shall be voluntary, that the supplier avoid the use of child labor, work hours must…

Coherent Privacy Statement EU

…Coherent’s internal administrative processes, to manage business documents, to maintain, administer and to comply with Coherent’s legal, regulatory, compliance and auditing obligations, policies and procedures, for business continuity and/or disaster recovery procedures, for possible investigation…

Coherent Cookie Policy

…will not have this cookie set). Accept/refuse via browser setting pardot The persistent cookie named “pi_opt_in” is what Pardot uses to stay in compliance with the “Do Not Track” initiative. Accept/refuse via browser setting pi_opt_in Native to PHP and enables websites to store serialized state…

Coherent Privacy Statement

…about our products and services; tracking our visitors’ use of the websites; improving the content, appearance, and utility of our websites; compliance, audits, and providing assistance to law enforcement; processing employment related activities and processes; and to complete a corporate…