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Laser Processing

Laser Training

--> Laser Training Program

Laser Safety

--> Laser Safety - Safety - a fundamental responsibility.

Classification Criteria

--> Laser Safety

Electrical Safety

--> Laser Safety - Safety is a fundamental responsibility

Optical Safety

--> Laser Safety - Laser owners have the fundamental responsibility to provide for the safe use of lasers within their facility and to implement safety programs to adequately control the hazards associated with laser use.

Warranty Information

--> Warranty - Standard warranty information for Coherent laser products

Service Programs

Service Programs

--> Service Programs - Flexible, customized service solutions for your laser investment



--> Laser Technical Support - Customer satisfaction is Coherent’s most important measure of quality. Factory trained service engineers, in offices throughout the world, offer technical support and quick response time. Continuous training of technical support and field service engineers ensure the…

Cross Regional Support

--> Support - Worldwide Support

Manuals and Guides

--> Manuals and Guides

Service Parts and Logistics

--> Service & Parts - Supplying and expediting original parts worldwide

Service Request Form

--> Service Request