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Mira Synchronize

MiraOPO-X DS 15-09-15  Final.pdf

MiraOPO-X DS 15-09-15 Final.pdf

Superior Reliability & Performance Mira OPO-X Mira OPO-X is a synchronously pumped, widely tunable, optical parametric oscillator (OPO) accessory that dramatically extends the wavelength coverage of our fs and ps Ti:Sapphire lasers (such as Mira and Chameleon) from 505 nm to 4000 nm. It is fully…

Mantis DS

Mantis DS

UK +44 (1353) 658 833
1 The Pulse Picker accepts the nominal 76 MHz input frequency from the synchronous output photodiode of the Mira 900.
A 38 MHz RF clock is divided by 8 thru 4096.
2 Percentage of incident pulse energy in diffracted output pulse.…