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Obis Commands

OBIS LaserSafety Installation QSG 11-85-44 9 RevAF

OBIS LaserSafety Installation QSG 11-85-44 9 RevAF

…activated. This means the laser stabilized
thermally but is waiting for a command to
start emission.
To manually start emission by command or
to set the laser to Auto Start, connect the
OBIS laser to a PC. Coherent Connection
software offers easy access to all controls.…

GUI 3.88 Revision History.pdf

GUI 3.88 Revision History.pdf

…seconds on charts in Singapore
Resolves AVIA LX:#149 - Allow commas in CrystalMapForm
Resolves AVIA LX:#297 - Reply with "Error, bad command" if ß character is sent
Resolves AVIA LX:#305 - Add "Consumed" to CrystalMapEditForm
Resolved AVIA LX:#302 - Allow Export tool to export…

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