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Red Hene Laser

Lasers | Photonics Handbook®

Lasers | Photonics Handbook®

…Common laser types
For many years, the most common CW laser was the helium neon laser, or HeNe. These low-power lasers (a few milliwatts) use an electric discharge to create
a low-pressure plasma in a glass tube; nearly all emit in the red at 633 nm. In recent years, the majority of HeNe

Advances in Diode Lasers and OPSLs

Advances in Diode Lasers and OPSLs

…diode lasers and OPSLs. UV Violet Blue Green Yellow Orange Red IR Argon 351 364 457 477 488 514 HeNe 543a 594b 612c 633d HeCd 322 354 442 Laser Diode 375 405 445 488 635 640 660 685 730 785 OPSL 355 458 460 480 488 514 532 552 561 568 577 639 1064 a green, b yellow, c orange, d red HeNe version

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