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1Coherent Inc. Diamond CO2 sealed lasers in high and low power.
…stressful operating environments. The CW laser design may be directly pulsed up to 25 kHz, with very short pulse fall times. Applications which require fast pulsing or cycling benefit from that feature. After decades of continuous improvement Coherent wave guide lasers offer designed in reliability and a…
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2Coherent Inc. CO2 RF Warning Faults – DIAMOND OEM Laser
…indicator on. Indicated by a pulse waveform being present at pin 11 of the 25 pin connector. Normal indication is a DC or ground signal. Often will light with Forward and Reflected. Forget about Forward light if VSWR is on. Most probable causes are the RF cable and /or the laser head. See what faults are…
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3UnderstandingMaterialsProcessingLasers.pdf  (PAGE 2 OF 4)

the sealed Co2 laser is a compact source
where the gas fill is provided at the factory,
and the resonator is hard sealed, so no external gas supply is used. the use of a slab
discharge resonator offers the highest power
per size ratio available for sealed lasers, and
can also…

4Coherent Inc. Microvia Drilling of Printed Circuit Board with CO2 Lasers
…63 mm focal length lens. The lens was 4.45 meters from the laser's output bezel and the beam size on the lens was 16 mm. For some tests, a 4.3 mm diameter aperture was placed in the beam path 2 meters from the laser. The laser was pulsed externally with a function generator. A 2-axis motor-driven table…
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5Coherent Inc. Paper Perforation Easy Tear Off with a CO2 Laser
laser beams, a difference between the entrance and exit hole (in this case, the hole on the top and bottom sheets) is inevitable. Two important parameters to minimize this effect are focus location and total pulse count. Focus should be adjusted to yield best consistency. Traditionally, multiple pulses
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6Coherent Inc. Lasers enable Ceramic Processing
…oxide (BeO), and unfired (green) substrates. Coherent's DIAMOND sealed CO 2 lasers, AVIA diode-pumped UV lasers and VECTOR diode-pumped solid-state lasers have become industry benchmarks for laser ceramics processing. These lasers are used for scribing, machining, marking and drilling of fired and unfired…
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7pdf document  Diamond-Integrators-Guide Best match in this PDF  |  All matches in this PDF
…, G, &K Laser Integrator's Guide vi Preface This manual contains integration information for the Diamond GEM, G, and K-Series CO2 laser systems. U.S. Export Control Laws Compliance It is the policy of Coherent to comply strictly with U.S. export control laws. Export and re-export of lasers manufactured…
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8pdf document  The-Future-of-HDI-Manufacturing Best match in this PDF  |  All matches in this PDF
…UVDPSS lasers typically operate at 355nm; CO2 lasers typically operate at 9.4µm or 10.6µm. Quite often as the laser operating wavelength increases, the laser source laser output power increases (Figure 3) with a corresponding increase in output pulse energy. Short wavelength ultraviolet lasers including…
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…alignment; OPSL pump laser; bandwidth adjustment; pulse compression; negative dispersion mirrors. Optional Topics: Instruction about advanced optimization of laser output characteristics can also be provided. Prerequisites: A basic theoretical understanding of optics and lasers is strongly recommended…
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…measuring CW laser power. Model OP-2/LM-2 LM Model Thermopiles PM Model Thermopiles Thermopile sensors are a great all-purpose technology suitable for many lasers.They are used for measuring CW laser power, average power in pulsed lasers, and are often used to integrate the energy of long pulses. Thermopile…
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