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COHR DIAMOND J-5 DS 1117 1.pdf

COHR DIAMOND J-5 DS 1117 1.pdf

…Industrial CO2 Laser Coherent Diamond J-5 Series are fully sealed, pulsed CO2 lasers offering average power greater than 400 Watts in a fully integrated and compact package. The unique pulsing characteristics derived from its slab discharge design enable the J-5 Series laser to reach peak powers…

compatibility matrix 02

compatibility matrix 02

…E-150, GEM-100, G-100, G-150, G-100i 10.6, 9.4 um FieldMaxII-TO PM150 E-250, E250i, J-3 10.6, 9.4 um FieldMaxII-TO PM300F-19 E-400, E-400i, E-1000, J-5, K-500 10.6 um FieldMaxII-TO PM1K K-250, K-225i, K-300 (discontinued 2014) 10.6, 9.4 um FieldMaxII-TO PM300F-19 GEM Select 50, 100 (discontinued…

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