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1Coherent Inc. Basic CO2 Laser System Troubleshooting
CO 2 Basic The Diamond laser series is a modular, RF excited, sealed industrial CO2 modulated laser. The Diamond K-150/K-200/K-250 Basic System consists of a laser head, RF amplifier, and Diamond digital interface (DDI). Locate a Service Center . View addresses and phone numbers for worldwide Coherent…
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2Coherent Inc. Diamond CO2 sealed lasers in high and low power.
DIAMOND CO 2 Lasers DIAMOND family of sealed CO 2 Lasers, with power from Watts to Kilowatts for processing materials ranging from paper to metal. The Most Compact 1 kW CO2 Laser. Measuring less than 1500 mm x 500 mm x 400 mm - including its integrated power supply - the DIAMOND E-1000 is the most compact…
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3Coherent Inc. Site Map
…Superior Reliability & Performance * Lasers and Laser-based Systems * Laser Measurement and Control * Precision Optics * Related Accessories Coherent, Inc., manufacturer of CO2, tunable dye, ion, CW, YAG, YLF, ultrafast, diode and diode-pumped solid-state lasers. * Applications * Application Tech Notes…
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4pdf document  LaserProc futureHDIrev2 Best match in this PDF  |  All matches in this PDF
…operating cost of UV-DPSS and CO2 lasers make these lasers ideal for HDIS manufacturing. Overview of Laser Technologies for HDI manufacturing In this section, features, benefits and applications of RF sealed CO2 lasers, UV diodepumped solid-state (UV-DPSS) lasers and Diode lasers are presented. First, the…
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5Coherent Inc. CO2 RF Warning Faults – DIAMOND OEM Laser
…Coherent Product Support Team is dedicated to your success and welcomes your service-related questions, comments, or concerns. RF warning signals should be measured while the laser is receiving a modulation signal. A connector needs to be built by the integrator to measure these signals. Connect three DB25…
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6pdf document  OpticallyPumpedLaserRev2 Best match in this PDF  |  All matches in this PDF
…of OPTL systems. Pump lasers are now available that are permanently sealed-off. These require no service and have demonstrated lifetimes > 40,000 hours. This new pump laser technology replaces DC-discharge excitation of the CO2 laser with RF excitation (see Figure 5). The RF technology operates at significantly…
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7Coherent Inc. CO2 RF Warning Lights On
…if VSWR indicator is on. Most probable causes for illumination are the RF cable and/or the laser head. See which lights are on at < 10% duty cycle preferably at 1 kHz operation. If VSWR is still illuminated try replacing the RF cable (system off, facility power disabled), if fault doesn't clear see…
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8Achieving Increased Reliability in Coherent DIAMOND C-Series CO2 Lasers  (PAGE 1 OF 1)
…Increased Reliability with Coherent
DIAMOND C-Series CO2 Lasers
Systems integrators in many different industrial
laser applications consistently name reliability as
the most important consideration when choosing a
laser supplier. This is no surprise, because cost of
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9LTJ_0108_CO2_Laser.pdf  (PAGE 2 OF 2)
…applications usually require no more than 100 W laser power. With
current sealed CO2 laser technology offering
powers from a few watts up to 500 W, this allows two options, a single high-power laser
split into multiple beams or several individual lasers. at LasX the latter route was chosen

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10Coherent Inc. CO2 No Laser Output Beam – DIAMOND OEM
…voltage found in Laser System Doesn't Turn On, troubleshoot as necessary. * Verify that RF cable connections at the laser head and the RF amp, are okay, not burnt verify that the RF cable is not damaged. Replace cable if necessary. * If DC voltage is okay. Disconnect 25 pin connector from RF amp. Click here…
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