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1Coherent Inc. Troubleshooting for CO2 Performance Packages
…for CO2 performance package lasers. Locate a Service Center . View addresses and phone numbers for worldwide Coherent Service Offices. Email Us . The Coherent Product Support Team is dedicated to your success and welcomes your service-related questions, comments, or concerns. The Diamond laser series…
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2LTJ_0108_CO2_Laser.pdf  (PAGE 2 OF 2)
…applications usually require no more than 100 W laser power. With
current sealed CO2 laser technology offering
powers from a few watts up to 500 W, this allows two options, a single high-power laser
split into multiple beams or several individual lasers. at LasX the latter route was chosen

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3LTJ_CO2lasers_0607.pdf  (PAGE 4 OF 4)
…incorporating the RF power supply in the laser head also makes the laser easier to integrate into production equipment.
E-diagnostics are an exciting and powerful
development. in fact, it is something we are
now seeing a demand for in many high value
lasers, not just pulsed CO2 lasers. At Coherent…

4Coherent Inc. CO2 Laser Low Power Troubleshooting – OEM Versions
…your service-related questions, comments, or concerns. Related symptoms; laser output skips. * Perform checks for No Laser Output Beam, troubleshoot as necessary. * Check beam delivery optics for clipping or blockage. * Check RF Warning Faults, troubleshoot as necessary. * If after verifying and/or correcting…
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5Coherent Inc. Basic CO2 Laser System Troubleshooting
CO 2 Basic The Diamond laser series is a modular, RF excited, sealed industrial CO2 modulated laser. The Diamond K-150/K-200/K-250 Basic System consists of a laser head, RF amplifier, and Diamond digital interface (DDI). Locate a Service Center . View addresses and phone numbers for worldwide Coherent…
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6pdf document  Diamond-Integrators-Guide Best match in this PDF  |  All matches in this PDF
…(K-Series Lasers Only) . 14 Performance Package (K-Series Lasers Only). 15 Facilities Requirements. 16 Electrical Power. 16 DC Power Supply Requirements . 16 System Cooling. 17 Water Flow Interlock. 18 Shutter. 19 Installation . 20 Fixed Beam. 20 Moving Beam . 21 Moving Laser. 22 The RF Cable. 23 Beam…
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7pdf document  Diamond-E-250-Preinstallation-Manual Best match in this PDF  |  All matches in this PDF
…Introduction The DIAMONDTM E-250 Series laser systems (Figure 1-1 and Figure 1-2) are integrated, RF excited, liquid-cooled, sealed-tube, pulsed industrial CO2 lasers and consist of a single housing incorporating the laser resonator and beam conditioning optics, RF power module and control/diagnostics module…
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8Coherent Inc. Diamond CO2 sealed lasers in high and low power.
DIAMOND CO 2 Lasers DIAMOND family of sealed CO 2 Lasers, with power from Watts to Kilowatts for processing materials ranging from paper to metal. The Most Compact 1 kW CO2 Laser. Measuring less than 1500 mm x 500 mm x 400 mm - including its integrated power supply - the DIAMOND E-1000 is the most compact…
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9pdf document  Optically-Pumped-THz-CO2-Laser-Technology Best match in this PDF  |  All matches in this PDF
…of OPTL systems. Pump lasers are now available that are permanently sealed-off. These require no service and have demonstrated lifetimes > 40,000 hours. This new pump laser technology replaces DC-discharge excitation of the CO2 laser with RF excitation (see Figure 5). The RF technology operates at significantly…
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10pdf document  CO2-CO2-Processing-at-9-Microns Best match in this PDF  |  All matches in this PDF
…is done using CO2 lasers operating in the mid-infrared (IR) spectrum. Their high efficiency and tremendous power output have made them one of the most useful lasers for materials processing. The CO2 laser's most commonly known transition wavelength at 10.6 microns facilitates laser cutting, drilling…
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