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1Coherent Inc. IndyStar Series supports 2000Hz repetition rate.
…2000Hz) * Industrial design with Semi-S2-certificate * Almeta-tube technology * Corona preionization * Solid-state switch * Equipped with "POWERLOK" and "TIMELOK" function * Available at 193 nm and 248 nm * Many billion pulses lifetime for tube and optics * Compact size (LxWxH: 978 x 380 x 837 mm 3) * Ease…
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2Coherent Inc. Diode Laser Welding of Plastics
…achieved on all samples. Tube welding results were tested gas tight. The shear strength of the welds was within customers requirements. Samples and test conditions are given below: Fig. 1 - Welding of concentric teflon tubes (shown on metal mandrel, in a rotating chuck). The tube wall thickness is 125 micron…
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3Coherent Inc. Welding using lasers for pure titanium tube resulted in exceptional weld.
…zone from the base metal. The weld exhibited a smooth surface, very little deformation, and no splatter on the inside of the tubing. Microhardness was also taken across the tube weld. Minimal variation in hardness from the base material was observed in the heat affected and fusion zone. The lack of variance…
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4REL_TuiLaserReprint.pdf  (PAGE 3 OF 5)
…discharge and halogen gas
with the tube materials. This
corrosion also limited the
lifetime of the tube.
These problems have been
solved with a twofold approach. First, corrosion has
been virtually eliminated by
switching to plasma tubes
that contain only ceramics

5Coherent Inc. Brewster Window Cleaning
…concerns. The laser system plasma tube will have zero, one, or two Brewster windows depending on the system type. Sealed mirror systems may have one window or no accessible windows. Other system types have two windows. Great care should be taken when cleaning the plasma tube Brewster windows. A scratch on…
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6Coherent Inc. Coherent diode laser systems excel at stainless steel welding of tubing.
304 Stainless Steel Welding of Tubing Laser welds produced on the tube mill exhibit exceptionally smooth surfaces on both sides, very low distortion, and very little oxidation on the surface. Find the Laser Solution that Fits your Application Needs. Search Applications Notes Search by material and/or…

7Innova90_DS.pdf  (PAGE 2 OF 4)
…delivering the best available
plasma tube lifetimes. The new Series
V tube is Coherent's latest version
of metal/ceramic technology, which
incorporates many improvements,
primarily in gas-flow dynamics, to
further extend the tube's lifetime and
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8Sabre_ent_ds.pdf  (PAGE 5 OF 8)
…-VTM Innova plasma tube -- the result of
years of continuous refinement in both the design
and manufacturing of metal-ceramic technology.
Precise gas pressure dynamics in the Series-V
extend tube lifetime by eliminating cathode
sagging. Series-V mixed-gas tubes also provide

9LTJ_Excimer_0607.pdf  (PAGE 2 OF 3)
…addition, the gas
flows through an electrostatic filtering system to remove any dust. And just as important, the flow is also directed over the tube
windows so that these are exposed only to
freshly filtered gas, greatly extending their
lifetime for both cleaning and replacement.

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10Coherent Inc. Optimizing the Performance of a PowerMax PM3 Detector
…to travel through the center of the 11-mm aperture of the light tube. The tube should not come in contact with the beam to be measured. This is usually a simple task. Although the light tube can be removed, it is advised that the tube remain to restrict the field of view of the large area detector.…
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