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1Coherent Inc. Chameleon Family Lasers Enabling Multiphoton Imaging
…800 nm 690 to 1020 Chameleon Ultra I >2.9 at 800 nm 690 to 1040 Chameleon Ultra II >3.5 at 800 nm 680 to 1080 Chameleon Vision I >2.5 at 800 nm 690 to 1040 Chameleon Vision II >3.0 at 800 nm 680 to 1080 Chameleon Vision S >2.3 at 800 nm 690 to 1050 Chameleon Compact OPO >0.55 at 1100 nm 1000 to 1600…
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2Coherent Inc. Chameleon Vision for Higher Dispersion Compensation
…* Chameleon Advantage * Drawings * Literature The Chameleon Vision sets the benchmark for integrated precompensation. It uses a proprietary prism-based design that compensates the broadest range of GVD in a compact package. Traditional two-prism designs cannot deliver this same level of performance in…
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3Coherent Inc. Lasers for alignment, inspection and machine vision.
…StingRay Lasers A new range of diode-based pattern generators for machine vision systems. Mini Laser Compact laser line generator and structured light pattern projector. PowerLine Laser Compact, high-power laser line generator. Magnum II Laser High power laser line generator designed for industrial applications…
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4pdf document  2011-Diode-Laser-Modules-and-Pattern-Generators-Catalog Best match in this PDF  |  All matches in this PDF
…interbeam angle is the angle between two neighboring beams (or orders) starting from the central beam (order 0) with the positive orders on one side (+1, +2, +3...) and the negative orders on the other side (-1, -2, -3...).The spreading angle, s, between the two outmost beams (or lines, when a line generating…
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5Coherent Inc. Laser Diode Module, Diode Module, Laser Diode Module
…for machine vision systems. CUBE Lasers A complete, high-performance, full-feature diode laser system at an attractive price. CUBE FP (Fiber-Pigtailed) Hands-free fiber output diode laser system. Radius Complete thermal-electrically cooled lasers with integral fan and electronics. Magnum II Laser High…
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6pdf document  Chameleon-Vision-S-The-Next-Generation-of-One-Box-Ti-Sapphire-Lasers Best match in this PDF  |  All matches in this PDF
…available output power from a tunable, 100 fs class oscillator - more than 3.5 Watts at 800 nm (Chameleon Ultra II). Among shorter pulsed and GVDprecompensated lasers, Chameleon Vision-S is unique in its capability to deliver over 2.3 Watts of power at the laser output port and directly available to…
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7pdf document  Coherent-Magnum-II-Laser-Operator-s-Manual Best match in this PDF  |  All matches in this PDF
…(1) wired circular connector to power the laser · Two (2) keys for activating the keylock switch · One (1) interlock plug with shortened contacts for remote safety operation · One (1) wired DB-9 plug for modulation and monitoring signals Magnum II Laser (Side Profile) (Back Panel) Power Connector Keys…
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8pdf document  Chameleon-Vision-Data-Sheet Best match in this PDF  |  All matches in this PDF
…wavelength Superior Reliability & Performance Mechanical Specifications Laser Head - Side View Laser Head - Top View Laser Head - Bottom View Vision I Vision II Tuning Range (nm) 690 to 1040 680 to 1080 Average Power at Peak (W) 2.5 3.0 Power Specifications - 500 mW at 680 nm 640 mW at 690 nm - 1.07 W…
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9pdf document  Coherent-StingRay-Operator-s-Manual Best match in this PDF  |  All matches in this PDF
…the Interlock connector two ways: 1. (for general use) Plug the shorted jack into the safety interlock and switch ON the key for normal laser operation. After a short delay, light is emitted from the laser. The laser automatically shuts off if the shorted jack is not in place. 2. (for the interlock system…
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10pdf document  Market-Growing-for-Laser-Based-Machine-Vision-Technologies Best match in this PDF  |  All matches in this PDF
…Market Growing for Laser-Based Machine Vision Technologies A panel of industry experts weighs in on recent and future advances in laser technologies for machine vision, and offers a look at the market. BY LAURA S. MARSHALL MANAGING EDITOR L aser-based machine vision can be a valuable tool for manufacturers…
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