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1Coherent Inc. Chameleon Family Lasers Enabling Multiphoton Imaging
…800 nm 690 to 1020 Chameleon Ultra I >2.9 at 800 nm 690 to 1040 Chameleon Ultra II >3.5 at 800 nm 680 to 1080 Chameleon Vision I >2.5 at 800 nm 690 to 1040 Chameleon Vision II >3.0 at 800 nm 680 to 1080 Chameleon Vision S >2.3 at 800 nm 690 to 1050 Chameleon Compact OPO >0.55 at 1100 nm 1000 to 1600…
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2Coherent Inc. Chameleon Vision for Higher Dispersion Compensation
…* Chameleon Advantage * Drawings * Literature The Chameleon Vision sets the benchmark for integrated precompensation. It uses a proprietary prism-based design that compensates the broadest range of GVD in a compact package. Traditional two-prism designs cannot deliver this same level of performance in…
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3Coherent Inc. Lasers for alignment, inspection and machine vision.
…pattern generators for machine vision systems. Mini Laser Compact laser line generator and structured light pattern projector. T-MFL Laser Micro-focus laser that projects telecentric laser line patterns. PowerLine Laser Compact, high-power laser line generator. Magnum II Laser High power laser line generator…
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4pdf document  COHR DLM2011 Catalog FINAL Best match in this PDF  |  All matches in this PDF
…interbeam angle is the angle between two neighboring beams (or orders) starting from the central beam (order 0) with the positive orders on one side (+1, +2, +3...) and the negative orders on the other side (-1, -2, -3...).The spreading angle, s, between the two outmost beams (or lines, when a line generating…
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5Coherent Inc. Laser Diode Module, Diode Module, Laser Diode Module
…for machine vision systems. CUBE Lasers A complete, high-performance, full-feature diode laser system at an attractive price. CUBE FP (Fiber-Pigtailed) Hands-free fiber output diode laser system. Radius Complete thermal-electrically cooled lasers with integral fan and electronics. Magnum II Laser High…
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6pdf document  Chameleon Vision S whitepaper final Best match in this PDF  |  All matches in this PDF
…available output power from a tunable, 100 fs class oscillator - more than 3.5 Watts at 800 nm (Chameleon Ultra II). Among shorter pulsed and GVDprecompensated lasers, Chameleon Vision-S is unique in its capability to deliver over 2.3 Watts of power at the laser output port and directly available to…
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7pdf document  Coherent MagnumII Laser Operator'sManual 990-0014RevAA Best match in this PDF  |  All matches in this PDF
…(1) wired circular connector to power the laser · Two (2) keys for activating the keylock switch · One (1) interlock plug with shortened contacts for remote safety operation · One (1) wired DB-9 plug for modulation and monitoring signals Magnum II Laser (Side Profile) (Back Panel) Power Connector Keys…
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8pdf document  CoherentStingRay Operator'sManual 1223124RevAD Best match in this PDF  |  All matches in this PDF
…the Interlock connector two ways: 1. (for general use) Plug the shorted jack into the safety interlock and switch ON the key for normal laser operation. After a short delay, light is emitted from the laser. The laser automatically shuts off if the shorted jack is not in place. 2. (for the interlock system…
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9pdf document  UCLD Catalog Customer 3-31-14 Best match in this PDF  |  All matches in this PDF
…Evolution 15/30/45 Customer Course. 1-10 Evolution 75/90/HE Customer Course . 1-10 Ultrafast. 1-11 Customer Courses. 1-11 Chameleon Ultra/Ultra II/Vision/Vision-S Customer Course. 1-11 Legend (Any Version) Customer Course . 1-11 Libra Customer Course. 1-12 Mantis + CPC Customer Course. 1-12 Micra Customer…
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10pdf document  3-31-2012-10Q Best match in this PDF  |  All matches in this PDF
…2012 and April 2, 2011 7 Notes to Condensed Consolidated Financial Statements 8 Item 2. Management's Discussion and Analysis of Financial Condition and Results of Operations 24 Item 3. Quantitative and Qualitative Disclosures About Market Risk 38 Item 4. Controls and Procedures 40 Part II. Other Information…

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